Meet the team

Pete Wright

Hey, I'm Pete. I started Akuti in 2011 with the objection to create an innovative, creative web and design studio. With the help of Pasha we've gone produced some superb work and have built a great platform to build upon. Other that design, I'm also big into travel and sport. My favourite destinations are Japan, Italy, Canada and Malaysia. Next one on the list it Iceland. 

Pasha Kuzminskiy

Hey, I'm Pasha. I've been working with Pete since he started Akuti. I'm in charge of bringing Pete's designs to life, which is something I really enjoy. My main passions are travel, cars and pugs. My favourite trips have been South Africa, Dubai, Bali and Thailand. I drive a Land Rover Discovery which I love and my pugs are just about to have puppies... super exciting! 

Captain Morgan

Hey, I'm Captain. I'm in charge of all things financial. I'll be in touch with invoice so expect me to pop my beak up on completion of any work.